Solar Pumps

Solar Pump

Solar water pump is driven by the electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels. A solar powered water pump is more efficient to operate. These pumps have low maintenance and installation costs. Solar pumps have a lower environmental impact compared to pumps powered by IC engines or utility electricity. The pump with a solar system is a delightful technology with which remote areas can be supplied with water both ecologically and socially. Therefore, it is always the economic technology of choice. These pumps are best suitable for reservoirs and irrigation systems. A solar pump works on the base of the photovoltaic principle. During the working of a solar pump, photovoltaic systems absorb radiant solar energy and transform it into electricity. This produced electricity supplies to the entire system. The inverter of the pump converts the direct current output of the PV system into alternating current, which drives the pump. These inverters also adjust the output frequency and voltage in real-time, corresponding to variations in the sunlight intensity to attains the highest power point tracking.