Technical and Strategical Partners
Solar Energy Solutions
EMMVEE is a developer and manufacturer of high performance solar thermal systems as well as mono- and polycrystalline modules and photovoltaic systems in India. They have various solar water heatingsystems, photovoltaic modules and solar applications since 1992 havingmore than 650 well trained and highly motivated employees all over the world working in the segments of photovoltaic, solar thermal systems and glass toughening. EMMVEE recently has entered the field of MW scalePV projects development and EPC in Europe and in India.

KC KOPAR has a technical and strategically partnership with EMMVEE since 2003.


EMMVEE Solar Systems

EMMVEE Photovoltaic Division





LED Lights
'Promptec Renewable Energy Solutions' (Promptec) is one of the pioneers and industry leader in LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting, Solar lighting and Power Electronics solutions. Clean-tech enterprise promoted by in 1998 with a vision to 'eradicate darkness using highly efficient and green energy sources at affordable prices.' Promptec has a full-fledged Research and Development (R&D) center for developing innovative LED products and customizing LED products based on customer specifications.

Promptec Renewable Energy Solutions

KC KOPAR is the training partner with the MITHRADHAM renewal energy centre, the first fully Solar Educational institute in India. KC KOPAR linked with various International Solar promotion and training organisations through the MITHRADHAM

Renewable Energy Centre

KC KOPAR established a wide network of Educational institutions, NGOs for promoting the use of Solar energy