Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Generate Electricity by Your Own

Solar Energy is the best answer to our burning questions about the future power crisis. By promoting solar energy we also lead everyone to effectively contribute to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and protecting the environment for the future generations.

Solar photovoltaic helps to transform day's worth of sunlight into year's worth of electricity. It is a free and clean energy for decades. Always there is a question; what is possible with solar PV? The answer is; what is not possible with solar PV?

  • MW Solar PV Power Plants
  • Roof Top Power Generators
  • Grid Tied and Stand Alone Systems
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic(BIPV)
  • Solar lanterns and Home Lighting
  • Solar PV Modules and Components

    • From the concept stage to commissioning; our access to the latest technology available and the backup of global standard manufactures, make our solar photovoltaic installations deliver the optimum efficiency.

    • Residential
    • Institutions
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Campus, Pathways & Highways etc.