Solar Thermal

Solar thermal energy has wide potential.

In water heating; solar thermal energy is collected from the sun, transferred to heat water; stored in an insulated tank and used whenever required for domestic or business.

The carbon neutral, renewable, solar thermal energy contributes to energy independence and is low-maintenance.

KC KOPAR realizes several innovations and mature technologies that have been well established for many years. For domestic and industrial applications, we offer solar water heating systems with

  • Thermosiphon
  • Forced circulation
  • Pressurized
  • Heat exchanger supported

  • System supplied and installed by KC KOPAR are with updated FPC technology & have universal model for gravity as well as pressurized applications. Associated to leading MNC companies, we offer latest glass enameled storage tanks for extended performance and durability.
  • Homes
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Hostels & Lodges
  • Hospitals
  • Preheating in Process Industries, etc


    Let it be domestic or commercial application. You may have an issue related to the delay in getting hot water at tap points, due the length of the hot water pipeline or the less/non availability of sunlight.

    Our greenpluz solar H/W water plant is an advanced proven automated system for solar hot water distribution. It helps you to have the best service with regard to hot water utility and availability.

    The auto nature of this plant ensure hot water at the tap opening, helps you to have a self management of storage and distribution of hot water by the system itself.

    You choose a suitable back up arrangement for solar water heater installation.... and relax

    Key Features

    • Work automatic
    • Round the clock hot water
    • Auto ON/OFF for backup & circulation
    • Temperature & timer logic control
    • Digital temperature display
    • Status indications
    • Winter / summer modes
    • Manual / Auto control selection
    • Multistoried Buildings
    • Large distance H/W distributions