Solar Thermal


  • Pressurised for all modern bathing systems
  • Great heating performance
  • Highest quality design
  • Hygienic and safe

  • Zero blockages
  • Corrosion-free system
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Most efficient heating performance

  • Hot water bathing at an affordable cost
  • Quality tank and collector
  • Trusted brand

Glass Enamel Coated Tanks
We providingglass enamel coated tanks of sizes varying from 100 to 3000 litres for solar water heating systems in India. The life time of a glass enamelled tank is higher when compared to stainless steel tanks.

As shown in the above cross-section of the tank, the additional layer of glass enamel on the steel layer increases the strength of the tank, the resistivity against corrosion and guarantees a highly hygienic water quality for a long time.
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